Jerk Chicken is one of the most popular dishes in Jamaica,  from the smokey char-grilled texture to the amazing blends of traditional flavours - what's not to love?!
Cooking instructions 

Freshly wash chicken 

Overnight, marinate chicken using:

- ground/coarse black pepper

- half of a medium sized onion (chopped)

- fresh spring onion

- half of a bell pepper (chopped) 

- fresh thyme

- one clove of diced garlic

- 3-4 whole pimento (crushed if preferred) 

- one scotch bonnet (chopped) 

Once completed we must now marinate using sauces and powdered seasoning 

use jerk marinade to achieve the authentic taste of Jamaica 

- all purposechicken seasoninggarlic powder will also enhance the flavour 

Once chicken has been left overnight we will coat the chicken one last time with jerk marinade and get ready to put it in the oven

Heat oven to 180oc/gas mark 4 and cook chicken for 45 minutes

If you're really Yard style, open the jerk pan and cook to desire!! (Weather permitting) 


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